Spree Closes : 24-JULY 2359hrs OR when reached US$100

Get more friends to join in so that we can close & order fast! chop chop!
I reserve the right to cancel spree if response is poor

Ordering website:
(10% off store wide till 25th July 2010)

Shipping :

Direct shipping from Cherry Culture to ME OR
Comgateway to me
(whichever is the cheaper alternative)

Payment details
1st payment : item price + initial shipping
2nd payment : Top up/refund of shipping +handing fee+ postage

- To POSB Savings 091-53431-2
- ATM Transfer allowed, but unless you can do it within 24 hours.
- NO interbank transfers.

Handling fee
S$0.50 per spree

 Exchange rate
USD: 1.46


 My Email Address:

Updates will be done here, so pls bookmark this spree page for easy reference.

Format of Order :

Email add: ** Make sure it is correct or else no updates **
Account Type/No: ** Please do not leave this blank! Or cant be refunded if OOS **

Item #1
Item Name:
Price in USD:
Alt. if OOS: (same price / DNB)

Item #2
Item name:
Price in USD:
Alt. if OOS: (same price / DNB)

Total no. of items:
Total amount in USD:
Total in SGD: (Total amt in USD) x 0.9 x 1.46 =

**Payment details**
Transaction Reference :
Amt Transferred :
IB Nick
Time and Date of transfer:


       1) No payment, No order. Orders only confirmed when you make payment 

2) No booking of slots. I will take order from those who pay up before the spree closes, not those who post their comment first 

3) Wrong/Missing items: Please note that i will take no responsibility if they ship the wrong item over but i will double check and 
     of  course try to help you. In the event of missing items, costs will be shared amongst all participants 

4) I will be collecting a $0.50 misc fee to cover charges for stuff such as tape, envelope, bubble wrap. 

5) Strictly no meetups or collection of items at my door. Items to be sent via mail. Exceptions considered on case-by-case basis. 

6) Pls use your LJ nick when using IB =) 

7) Updates will be done via email  

8) I reserve the right to accept/reject orders, change mode of shipping, cancel the spree if response is poor

9) Please keep the thread neat and tidy, by posting your order and payment IN THE SAME POST

10) Refunds will be done at my own leisure time if you disregard the cap and continue to transfer.


Website im ordering from:

CAP : between USD$150.00 to USD$200.00

Contact me at :

Payment mode:

POSB/DBS internet banking, please use your LJ nick

Accepting ATM transfers (POST AND PAY WITHIN AN HOUR)

transfer to POSB SAVINGS 091-53431-2



Exchange rate: USD $1 = SGD $1.5

Shipping via VPOST

SGD$3/item will be collected as initial shipping charges irregardless of what kind of item ordered.

Shipping costs based on weight, exact value will be determined when items arrive as I will work out the units.

All products would be calculated as $ per shipping unit first;
shipping cost wld be revised as according to the total no. of items ordered


Please copy & fill in accordingly.

Bank account details:

Item #1 
Item Name: Please make sure it is in stock 
URL: (make sure it works!) 
Alt: (please put in size, colour, url, name) 
Price in USD: 

Item #2 
Item Name: Please make sure it is in stock  
URL: (make sure it works!) 
Alt: (please put in size, colour, url, name) 
Price in USD: 

Total number of items: 
Total Price in SGD: [(Total price in USD) x 1.50]+ [(no. of items) x 3] 

Please round up when doing calculation of items ( eg. $9.562 = $9.57)

Amount transferred:
Transaction reference:
Date / Time:

NYX Cosmetics

I have some NYX Products for sale (IN SINGAPORE ONLY) :

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (Pigments)
1.   Nude
2.   Baby Pink
3.   Ocean Blue
4.   Turquoise
5.   Oro
6.   Walnut
7.   Penny
8.   Lilac
9.   Yellow Gold
10. Orange
11. Sky Pink

All are full bottles and new. Each bottle going at S$5.50 mailed.

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Sticks
1. Oyster
2. Lavender
3. Cottage Cheese
4. Iced Mocca

All Pencils are BRAND new but I used it to swatch the colours once. Each piece is priced at S$6.50 mailed

All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars and for sale in Singapore Only.

All products mentioned above have just been received from the postman over the last weekend.

Visit NYX website to see the exact products & colours :

Interested, pls email me at


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